Beautiful Russian Blue colored MiniMew Female.

Never bred three year old. Under seven inches tall. "BLUE BELLE" is an intact female MiniMew Munchkin Certified  $50,000.00

Orange Tabby Sweetheart! Awesome neutered male cat available.  "CORNFLAKE" is under seven inches tall and is a certified MiniMew Munchkin! $45,000.00

"CALAMITY JANE" is a stunning Blue and White spayed Female MiniMew that loves dogs and laps! She is over three years old and under 7 inches tall! An amazingly loving MiniMew Munchkin! $45,000.00

"PATCHES" a calico hunter who just turned one year old 9/21/13. An intact female that is a full sister to PIXEL the MiniMew and a daughter of FIZZGIRL the MiniMew. She is under six inches tall and could compete for world's shortest cat against her own mother! She is a certified MiniMew Munchkin who is a contender for the Guinness World Record Shortest Cat! $250,000.00

"LILYCAT" a soft plush chubby sweety! This lil spayed female is three years old and is loving, gentle and quiet!  She is under seven inches tall. (Lily was originally adopted by a member of the Washington Redskins football team but due to weather issues was never shipped for Christmas.)

Her discount price is $2,500.00


**Available for sale!**

100 % of the Proceeds will be used to fund the Flying Paint Ranch Cat Rescue and Winged Wonders Bird Sanctuary!