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  Tiffani Kjeldergaard has become the leading expert on crossing short legged and long legged felines for the proper "MiniMew" desired conformation over the last twenty years. Demanding excellent health and using safe breeding practices, she has helped these remarkable felines produce the world's shortest cats, the "MiniMew Munchkin!"

   "It started off with Heed the MiniMew", said Tiffani. "Then his grand daughter Fizzgirl was born and she was incredibly small, going on to be named the world's shortest cat!

   Now it is his Great Grand daughter Pixel who is stealing the show! No telling how short they will go in the future, no other cats on record have come in this short!"

  There are several levels of the Achrondroplasia gene, and no, it is not a defect, it is natural occurring for the people or animals that carry it, just like blue or brown eyes.

Meet Our  3 Generation Team


 Heed was the first of our amazingly small cats!

As a kitten his head was so large he became known as HEED, the character Mike Myers yells at in a Scotish accent on "I Married An Ax Murderer"

Heed has been featured on several tv shows and news articles world wide. The cover of the Drudge Report and Inside Edition Tv show all have enjoyed sharing Heed  the MiniMew!


Born on September 21, 2012 Pixel is one of two little daughters born to Fizzgirl!

 Pixel turned one year old and is under six inches tall!

Her mama is proud! She is the NEW WORLD'S SHORTEST CAT!

Press Release for the announcement of Pixel is scheduled for          November 2013


Fizzgirl is Heed's granddaughter. She was born very small like her father but not with the huge head!

2012 she was published in the Book of Guinness World Record as the WORLD'S SHORTEST CAT!

She still held the record until her daughter turned one year old.


*What is a MiniMew Munchkin Cat?

Munchkins are the cats that carry the achrondroplasia gene, that is the same gene as little people have. Their unique and amazing little frames are easy on the eye. They are incredibly cute!

 They are not called midgets, genetically altered, freaks of nature or deformed, It is simply dwarfism. They have a genetic line that causes the long bones in their legs to be shorter than the average in their species. Just like the genetic line for blond or red hair, it's not mutated and it's not an abomination. Some munchkins have a type of gene that is more pronounced in physical appearances than others, this is what makes our MiniMew Munchkins unique. Aside from their short stature MiniMew Munchkins look similar to other felines and could be confused for kittens although they are full grown!
Tiffani's breeding crosses of average cats and her MiniMews are done specifically to improve upon the conformation, so the offspring are correct in their conformation, giving the look of a proportionate small cat as opposed to a long backed cat.
Average munchkin felines have backs that are as long as long legged full-grown cats.

The body of those munchkins are on average two-and-a-half times longer than it is tall.

Achrondroplasia Genes are naturally occuring in Dogs, Cats, Whales, Horses and people.